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i'm female and i'm nineteen. i live in england, but i've never been to london.
unoriginally, i am here to post words and photographs. perhaps you'll like a couple.

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17th November 2010 - 2nd December 2013.

I don’t want to love you.

I can’t stop comparing myself to everyone else.

Who is this person that you’ve become? I don’t even feel that I know you anymore.
Why am I fighting so hard for this all to stay afloat when you’re weighing it down to the point of sinking?
I’ve tried. I’ve tried so fucking hard.
It’s ok for you to forget what you’ve put me through. It’s ok for you to act like I’m in the wrong.

Well I’m not, ok? I’m not.

Why can’t I work out what I really want?

When everything is good, I just wait for something to go wrong.